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Borobudur sunrise – mt. Bromo – Ijen Crater – Bali-Flores-Komodo Tours

Duration : 17 D / 16 N

Day 01: Arrival Yogyakarta – Prambanan Tour (L)

Upon arrival at Adisucipto International Airport Yogyakarta, meeting service by your guide and then tour to Prambanan Temple. Prambanan Temple is one of most beautiful Hindu Temple in Indonesia, located at the eastern part of Yogyakarta City. After this tour, direct transfer to Borobudur Temple area for your overnight stay at Manohara Hotel or similar. After check-in, free program on your own leisure.


Day 02: Borobudur Sunrise – Mendut Temple Tour – City Tour (B - L)

Getting up early morning at 4.30 am, and then walking to Borobudur Temple for sunrise. You will join other participants of this tour who also spend their night at the hotel. After the sunrise, you will explore Borobudur Temple on your own. Afterwards, return back to your hotel and having breakfast. Preparing for check-out. Then at 08.30 your guide will pick up you at hotel and direct transfer to Yogyakarta City. On the way, short tour at Mendut Temple. Upon arrival in Yogyakarta, tour to Sultan Palace and Water Castle (Tamansari). Lunch at local Restaurant. After lunch, tour to Tirtodipuran Village to see the process of making batik and to Kota Gede to see silver home industry. Then, check-in Hotel. After check-in, free program on your own leisure.


Day 03: Yogyakarta – Bromo (B - L)

After early breakfast at your hotel, your guide will pick you up at the hotel and commencing a rather long trip to Mount Bromo which will take you about 12 hours until arrival. Lunch at local restaurant on the way to Bromo. Upon arrival at the hotel at Bromo area, check-in and overnight stay.


Day 04: Bromo Stunning Sunrise & Volcanic Tour – Banyuwangi (B – L)

Getting up at 03.30 early morning, then by jeep at 04.00 having a short trip to Penanjakan Hill for the stunning sunrise. Then, down to the sea of volcanic sand, crossing over to Mount Bromo. On foot from the parking lot, you will be heading up to the foot of the mount and stepping up the stairs to the peak of Mount Bromo. Afterwards, back to the hotel, breakfast and making immediate preparation for departure to Banyuwangi. At 09.30 local time, check-out hotel and heading up to Banyuwangi district. Lunch will be served at local restaurant on the way. Upon arrival at Banyuwangi, check-in Hotel and free program.


Day 05: Ijen Crater Soft Trekking – Bali (B – L)

Getting up rather early at 04.00 morning and taking your bread-breakfast at hotel, then depart to Paltuding area. Upon arrival, leaving the lot parking for soft trekking to Ijen Crater. The distance to the summit is 3 kilometer and everything to is only walking on foot up to it. The magnificent panorama of the green water lake of the crater and the sulfuric smoke of the mount will be an unforgettable experience in this tour. Also, the soft trekking is in itself another thing to enjoy. Afterwards, back to Hotel. Taking a rest while preparing for check-out hotel. Then check-out hotel and leaving for Bali. Lunch at local restaurant on the way. Upon arrival at Bali, check in Hotel. Free program.

Day 06: Full Day Volcano Tour  (B – L)

Started from the hotel around 08.30 am to Kesiman Village watching one of the most famous Balinese Dance " Barong ", visiting the center of Balinese Batik Handycraft in Batubulan Village and visiting the most famous Wood Carving Village " Mas ".

Visiting an old meditation cave " Goa Gajah " found in eleventh century. The area around the cave is considered the oldest Buddhist site with some old remains found around the place. A Hindu Temple was built there with special holy spring fountains.

Driving up to a nice and cool mountain side with its breath-taking view of 1717 meters volcano called " Mount Batur " surrounded by lake and black lava remains from its twice main eruptions in 1917 and 1927. Great lunch is served in the best restaurant overlooking the beautiful view.

Driving back down to the country side visiting a beautiful Hindu Temple in Sebatu Village with its holy spring. Sebatu Temple is one of the Three Most Important Temples own by every villages in Bali dedicated to the Hindu Thrinity. This temple is dedicated to the God of Creator "BRAHMA".

A Beautiful rice terraces view in Tegalalang Village will make your trip memorable. The next stop will be in Ubud to visit the center of Painting and Celuk Village, the home of Gold & Silver Smiths. Then driving back to the hotel.


Tanah Lot means " the land of ocean " is a wonderful Hindu Temple built on a piece of cliff in Indian Ocean shore. This temple is dedicated to the God of Ocean " Baruna " built by a high Hindu Priest name Dang Hyang Dwijendra in the 16th century. In high tide, the cliff is surrounded by water that the temple is like floating. In the bottom part of the cliff there is a fresh water holy spring while on the beach cave there are some holy snakes that guard the temple. In the South and North part of the temple is absolutely beautiful view and best for watching sunset (but no sunset in this tour program).

Alas Kedaton means " Jungle Kingdom ", but probably a monkey kingdom because the place is very popular for its tame monkeys living around. There is also a 300 year old Hindu Temple in the middle of the monkey forest. And high up on the trees, big fruit bats are resting during the day time. It is a big fun to visit this place because of the monkeys, bat and temple.

Beratan is a name of the Lake and Village. This place is very famous for its beautiful park setting consisting of many kinds of flowers and trees. Its spectacular floating temple called " Ulun Danu Temple "dedicated to the Goddess of the lake is absolutely unforgettable place to take a picture. It is so nice and cool and beautiful as well. People can hire a traditional paddle boat or speed boat to go around the lake or enjoy the jet sky and parasailing from the other corner of the lake.

Taman Ayun means " a beautiful park", the biggest and the most beautiful royal family temple built in 14th century. This temple is surrounded by moat and has a beautiful park setting. The yard is big and it has absolutely amazing carving in the main entrance and its shrines. This temple is located in Mengwi village.


Day 08:  Full Day Besakih - Tenganan Tour

Kerta Gosa is a traditional religious court hall built in 1622 in Klungkung. This hall is absolutely unique and different from any other building in Bali. Its ceiling is fully decorated with typical Kamasan Painting Style representing cause and effect between life in the world and after death. Next the Kerta Gosa court hall, there is a beautiful floating pavilion surrounded by water full of water lilies and lotuses. Its ceiling is also fully decorated with Kamasan motifs. A beautiful and special museum is also built on this complex. The museum contains many old remains from Stone Age, Bronze Age and many old traditional artifacts. This place is located in the heart of Semarapura City across the great city monument.

Goa Lawah means " Bat Cave ", a holy Hindu Temple located in a rocky cliff cave. Thousands of long nose fruit bats live on this cave and holy python snake as well. A holy high priest, Mpu Markandeya, arrived here around 1007 and built a shrine to worship the God of Siwa and the spirit of the mythical dragon, Basuki. In the front of this cave is a beautiful soft black sand beach where people make salt in traditional way.

Tenganan is a very special Bali Aga Village which is isolated by hills around beautiful and peaceful valley. The most special thing people can find on this village is a double ikat called " Gringsing " which means " Not Sick ". There are 3 places in the world where this kind of woven textile can be found. The other two places are in India and Japan. In Tenganan Village, the gringsing is considered a holy magic part of the traditional dress used in special ceremony as an amulet to protect the user from the evil spirit influence. Besides Gringsing, this village is also popular for its ATA art and craft. ATA is a strong palm grass grown in the hillside around this village.
A human blood sacrifice is held yearly here. When the ceremony called " Makere-Kere " or " Mageret Pandan " is held, many old, adult and young couples of fighters fight by beating each other with sharp thorny pandanus leaves till the body scratched and bleeding while the young girls are watching the show wearing gringsing.

Besakih is the holiest Hindu Temple among all built by a high priest named Mpu Markandeya in 11th century. The temple is located in the slope of Mount Agung and considered to be the mother temple of Hindu in Bali and beyond. In Besakih Temple Complex, there are some clan temple centers belong to groups of Balinese from the same ancient. The biggest ceremony on this temple is held every 100 years called " Eka Dasa Ludra " to purify the entire world or macro cosmos. Here is where the Almighty, the Supreme God, with all his manifestations is worshipped by all Hindu followers.


In this time we give you one day free program to relax at hotel before you depart to flores and komodo island.



Upon arrival at waioti airport In maumere eastern part of flores island our local guide will be warm welcomed you and lead you to the local restaurant before depart to moni.on the way to moni you will stop in jopu village traditional house from sikka ethnic then continue to moni to check in hotel.dinner at hotel or in small local restaurant(option)


Early morning you will start to kelimutu like 04 am from your hotel,drive up to the amazing view of kelimutu lake with three kinds of the colors and for sure you will suprise by appear the sunrice from the top of kelimutu then you drive back to the hotel for breakfast and to continue the trip to ende before bajawa  and lunch will be provided in local restaurant in ende after lunch you will drive continue to bajawa  and stop at nanga penda to see the blue stone along the coastline.arrival in bajawa  check in hotel at wisata hotel or similiar hotel.


After breakfast at hotel you will drive to bena and gurusina traditional house from ngada people.bena and gurusina as the awesome tipical house from ngada regency and where you can see hundred of the horn buffalo hunging in the front of door house.then trip continue to aimere to see the ‘arak’distillation and fresh palm juice tapping then head to ruteng for overnight at MBC or similiar hotel.


After breakfast at hotel you start visit from ruteng town like the old and new cahtedral in ruteng then continue to lodok in cara village to see the ricefield like spiderweb then continue to todo traditional house from manggarai people then the trip continue to labuan bajo.lunch will be provided on the way to labuan bajo at the local restaurant.before arrival in labuan bajo you will pick up by excotic view from komodo island and serounding it.overnight at hotel in labuan bajo.


After breakfast at hotel your guide will be pick you up in hotel like 10h am in the morning to embark to boat to kelor island where you can snorkling and hiking to the top of kelor island to making excellent picture with awesome view  around it.and luch will be provided on boat,in the late afternoon you will sail to rinca village to see the local poeple where they live in komodo national park zone.then back to the boat to sail to kalong island to see the sunset and waiting for flyng fox come from the mangroves.overnight on boat


Early morning sail to Loh Buaya as the gate way to Komodo national park ranger station you will be welcomed by local guide(Ranger)to take you to treking to see the wild life like Komodo Dragon(varanus komodoensis) as the topmost predator in this island and some other wild life as the prey of komodo dragon such as Long tailed macaque(macaca fascicularis), wild horse(Equus sp), orange-footed scrub fowl(megapadius reinwardt), fulvaus brested woodpecker(picoides macei) all it’s you can see on rinca island. Back to boat than sail to pink beach for snorkling.lunch on boat.in the late afternoon visit komodo village at komodo island to see how the local people make komodo statue and others.overnight at kalong island just front of komodo island


After breakfast  on boat you will start to treking on komodo island to see komodo dragon(varanus komodoensis) and for  sure include the prey of komodo dragon as well like Timor Deer( cervus timorensis), Wild Pig (sus scrofa vittatus), water buffalo (bubalus bubalis), wild dog (canis famililaris), wild cat ( felis sp). Also you can see the wild bird like Lesser  frigate bird(fregata ariel), Green jungle fowl(gallus varius), Lesser sulphur crested cockaktoo(cacatua sulphurea) etc. Then sail to manta point to see the Manta rey then sail to kanawa for  snorkling and you can walk around overnight on boat close to bidadari island.


After breakfast at hotel you will sail to labuan bajo and the driver will take you to airport to check in and fly to bali

The program is over.









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Tour price: U$D, / EURO,
* service included:
            - hotel – harbour transfer return
               - komodo national park entrance fee
            - snorkling equipment
            - meals
            - local guide/ ranger
            - boat
               - camera pocket fee.
               -Donation on site
* service excluded:
            - personal assurance
            - alcohol drink
            - personal requirements
            - tip

* what to bring?
- bowler hats
- sunglasses
- trekking shoes
-sun lotion
 -thin blanket/sleeping bad