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bayu pontiagust
05 May 2015, 01:03 am
is beyond my expectation that's the feeling once i discovered my journey in Flores. i had a wonderful of 3 days traveling the islands which i reckon it wasn't enough. the experience on the vessel surrounded by the beauty of nature is one of the best experiences and once in a while you just disconnected with your real world. visiting komodos dragon, padar island, pink beach, komodo village are amazing. this kind of holiday is something that everybody has to have once in year it's perfect for rejuvenating and discover the real you as a human being because it just different from the other holiday. i left my heart in flores and i will be back again for another adventure. Keep on the good work

Herlina Slamet
26 April 2014, 02:03 am
Selamat dan sukses selalu pak Vion. Kami menunggu untuk kerjasamanya dengan kami Flores Experience Adventure di Labuan bajo

16 February 2014, 04:25 pm
Sukses selalu kae Salam dari Yogyakarta