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FLORES AUTHENTIC TOURS is a travel agency that has been competing locally and globally in the field of business and services . Flores Authentic Tours present as a mediator to make it easier to help you plan your trip . With the tour guides are experienced in the field of tourism is always ready to provide you with information that is accurate and excellent service . In keeping with our mission , " Nature - Culture & People " which gives you a tremendous opportunity to see and interact directly with Nature , culture and local residents . Make your holiday an unforgettable thing in your life .
FLORES AUTHENTIC TOURS also create and design programs and special programs different from other travel agents in Flores. Flores Authentic Tour also invites the traveler to take part in activities such as local residents tried to grow rice and stay in a traditional house like that in doing Flores authentic tour since authentic tours Flores recognized as one of the travel agents who can make a more satisfied and find something new in their explorer .therefore Flores Authentic Tours also always use local guides to guide the visitors who came to Indonesia in general and especially flores,komodo island.
We are all as authentic Flores driving tours constantly and is always there for you and your travel companion who is always faithful . We are ready to help provide advice in planning your trip in Indonesia, more specifically in Bali and Nusa Tenggara ( Flores and Komodo Island ) . Do not be hesitate to contact us at any time , please contact us at email : info@floresauthentic.com , or visit our website at www.floresauthentic.com
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